Is the World Not Ready For Digital Kid Books? What’s the Hold up?

In an article the other day I read that 90% of parents are not reading ebooks to their kids. That number still held firm when speaking to parents heavily involved in the digital industry. So what is the problem?

First, I thought, maybe parents don’t want to share an Ipad with a youngerster? Right? But wait I’ve seen too many kids playing with the Ipad of their parents. Not long ago I saw my 9 month old cousin’s baby playing games on one. So that can’t be it.

Then I thought, maybe it has more to do with nostalgia. Parents read books so when they want to say good night, they read a night book before bed just like their parents did for them. Makes sense. But it doesn’t really explain enough for me.

I think the tablet is wonderful but it can’t be toted around like a dog-eared book. Hence I wish there was a very sturdy ebook reader like the Leap Frog case. All of use kidlit authors need to band together to create this. We could sell it in a bundle with all of our books loaded on it.

Well, that’s one idea. But again, I have a feeling some people still woudln’t buy ebooks for their kids.

But then I had a thought. Very, very soon the schools are going to be wanting tablets for the students and many of these teachers/school districts will be buying stories. Who will they buy from? Will it be Amazon? Scholastic? Who?

So I do think there is a near future when digi-kidlit will be a more popular selection for ebook readers. But right now there is not a full market for ebook kidlit. And I think I know why…

Some of the big publishers where parents buy from ….not sure I want to name the big names but you know who…they don’t even allow javascript rollovers or any of the other coding that allows our books to be interactive, active and responsive.

Because let’s face it digi-kid games are selling.

But some how the book is not being allowed to move and become vibrant.

What else do you see as the hold up to ebooks being accepted as kidlit?


Share your Thoughts.

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