Geolocation Books- Is That the Name of This Stuff?

So I’ve been calling the concept Geolocation. It’s the idea that stories will be written in space and using their phone/tablet/eye piece our readers will be able to see it at certain locations and thus read it.

I’ve been excited about this concept for years, ever since I travelled around the USA like a vagabond twenty years ago to be precise. I started to imagine that their was a way to conjure up images that weren’t there. This was in the days when the internet was unknown by most. I wanted to unlock secret doors that I saw and be given the chance to read about the hidden stories of that monument or statue.

And now it’s really, REALLY growing possible with the advent of certain Google api. I do not want to let the opportunity pass me by- I want to be part of this growing trend.

I want to write books into the air for others to view on location! I want you to be able to fix your phone on the Statue of Liberty and have stories pop up that read out the dreams that happened there. I’m ready.

But I don’t know how to go about finding other authors, developers, artist and designers that are ready to push this forward. I don’t quite have the developer skills to get in on the cutting edge teams that are developing the tech up at Google. Yet, I’m trying my hardest to pursue this dream.

It’s difficult though. For starters, I don’t even know if there is a term for all this geo-based stuff. I’m using the word geolocation books. The name is similar to the word geocache,a movement that I’ve liked for years. So I decided that Geolocation books seemed like the best name and immediately came home from my walk to try to find out if there was anything on the search engine. There was! has an article posted about geolocation books making a presence in the gardens of museums. Awesome idea. ….So is this the name?

I’m asking cause I don’t even know the name of this dawning movement. Whatever the name- count me on board the boat. I’m ready to sail the air.


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