Book Plugs, or I should say @bookplugs, is for Authors & Readers on Twitter.

Hi everybody on Twitter. Due to not knowing where I could plug my book very well, I decided to make a Twitter site called I’m hoping that all authors can prosper because of this. I wasn’t sure if I would like Twitter when I joined one month ago. But I love it! And I already wanted to give back to the many great followers and authors that I have met on there.

More than that, I wanted to see all of us go further. I have big plans for Book Plugs, but I’m not going to go into that right now since I just want to focus on getting this started. But I’ll post you more about it as it grows.

Come on over and check it out. If it seems confusing please tell me. I’m going to post a how-to for people with pictures in a little bit. For now I’m busy retweeting awesome book plugs and creating a t-shirt design for my son’s cross country invitational.

Love to see you @bookplugs.


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