4 thoughts on “Twitter Account Suspension

  1. Sad to say, it’s likely *not a thing* on the internet is “dependable”. Like all of life, we can only enjoy the present moment, the present day. Everything else (that we depend on) is written in the sands of time, which look solid until swept away by winds or floods.
    We are not pessimists. We belive that it is worthwhile to work and build. But it is now autumn, and we must remember to put a snow shovel in our vehicle “just in case.”

    • Well, you might be right about that Ms. Jupiter Fleet. But I tell you what. I feel safer building my online presence on WordPress.com. I’ve been blogging for several years with no problems. One month on Twitter & I run into problems. Now that I am working on selling books, I don’t appreciate the kind of set back that Twitter can impose. It was a real eye opener.

    • Luckily it all ended well and they restored Granny’s followers today. It also inspired me to spend me whole day getting this site & bookplugs.wordpress.com ready to add authors’ books.

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