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Do you love dogs? Do you like your literature to be related to dogs? So do these authors and they feature dogs in their books. Since each one is great, they are in no particular order but alphabetical by first name.

Cathy Connolly
Authors of the book If I Should Die Before My Dog__ providing for the future of your dog gives you peace of mind. Give them a sound love filled future! Her books on Amazon

C.L. Murphy
A children’s picture ebook series about a misunderstood wolf pup living in the Pacific Northwest.
Oregon You can find out more about her books at lovablelobo.com.

D.L. Fox
NEW Children’s Book Series about a young Siberian Husky’s escape from an abusive owner and her journey to The Snow Kingdom. #childrensbooks #MG #kidslit #books
United States · You can find out more about her books at her website TheSnowKingdom.com.

Diane Rose-Solomon
Children’s Book Author about Animal Rescue. Animal Advocate. Humane Info Go To Gal. Mom to two dogs and two kids. You can find out more about her books on her website sop3publishing.com.

Karen Spafford-Fitz
Author of Vanish and Dog Walker (Orca Books; #MGlit), presenter, humorista, runner, book geek, dog lover. Canada. You can find more about her books from Orca Publisher on her website karenspafford-fitz.com.

Kelly Yuill
Author of Animals Anonymous – raising awareness of animal cruelty, animal lover, videographer and all round crazy, creative person!Scotland You can find her books on Amazon by going to her website, kellyyuill.com.

Mary O Paddock
Avid rescuer of flea market china, stray animals, and abandoned ideas. Writer, mother, wife–order of service prone to change. You can find out more about her books on Amazon.

Is the dog member of Big Wig House. He has not written any book, but he is practicing his writing skils so look for him to publish something in the far future. For now follow him on Twitter because he likes giving RT support to humans that like dogs. He will RT dog books, dog toys, dog feed, dog clothes, charities, dog pictures, and of course dog snacks. (and sometimes the cat members of Big Wig House force him to RT cats too.)

Stanley & Katrina
Would you like to meet two pet authors? Katrina is a Cat. Stanley is a dog. Please note they prefer to only follow G-rated Twitter accounts. These two pets create kid literature and are extraordinary artist, if I do say so myself. Their paws must be quite dexterous. Find out more about them Rebel Mouse and on their website.

If you are a dog-focused author and want added to this list, by all means leave me a message in the comments below or contact me @bigwighouse on Twitter.

Love animals? Be sure to check #dogbooks and #anipals on Twitter.

If you are a cat book or animal lover author, contact me, too. Don’t tell the dog people this..but cats rule!

Till later,


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