Whats an Author to Do with Twitter – Author Spotlight on Zoe Saadia

I’m trying really hard to think of ways to make my Twitter a useful place for my readers. I want to accent my books via Twitter.

Let’s face it, if you are an author, it is likely that you came to Twitter because you heard that it would help you introduce your books to new readers. In about one month I’ve visited over 2000 author Twitter accounts. So I’d like to share what I am learning.

Numerous authors are doing dozens of book promotions over and over, primarily for themselves. Maybe this is working for them, but I know I can not get myself to do that because I would feel …I don’t know the exact words. Besides I’m not into stepping on toes this morning. But I do think the word is blank. I would feel blank.

I know many of us want to enhance, not blare our content. So what else is there?

I know for myself, I didn’t even come to Twitter until I thought I was getting close to finishing a free video. As an avid techie with a degree in web programming, I subscribe to tech magazines. Those magazines told me that what Twitterers want is free things. So as I was working on my free video, I decided why not set up a Twitter.

Well, the act of Twittering is taking more time than I anticipated and as invigorating as that has been, I am not nearly as far along in my video as I had hoped to be, so I apologize to anyone that I’ve left waiting to see that.

Okay, so back to my point, I think giving free things away is a good idea for authors. But what else is there an author can do?

I see many authors sharing great writing tips. In the future, I look forward to spotlighting some of those people for you. I do feel writing tips are a very precious gift that authors are giving out. I have grown in wisdom from their #writingtips.

What else is there that an author can do with their Twitter page?

Many authors retweet one another. Let me tell you, authors are very appreciative of RTs. That is the exact reason that I started @bookplugs. To do my part in RTing author book promos (#bookplugs) and writing tips (#writertips) So retweeting is a very rewarding way to learn and grow with others on Twitter.

I know someone that is doing all that and more- Zoe Saadia.

Now I am finally to the place where I wanted to be. Zoe Saadia caught my attention immediately. Her links for her books led me to her breathtaking blog. Once there she makes you feel that you have entered into an adventure. There are notes left behind for readers inviting them to venture further into her work. I felt I had been given my archeologist badge upon entry. She’s using information on her topic, Ancient Meso-American culture, to help her find and connect with readers. I love it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.21.37 AM

I thought, yes, this is an author that knows what she is doing. Then yesterday, she took me a leap beyond what I had imagined. As I scanned her Twitter I noticed that she was offering a link to classes. What kind of classes I asked myself?

Pre-Colombia Classes related to her fiction topics.

I congratulate her on her excellent creative and educational approach. Visit her on Twitter at @zoesaadia @zoesaadia

What are you doing to stand out on Twitter as an author? Leave me a comment or come tell me by visiting me at @bigwighouse.


5 thoughts on “Whats an Author to Do with Twitter – Author Spotlight on Zoe Saadia

  1. I’m a techie by nature too but I find it difficult at best to keep up with all of the social media outlets. I used to be majorly pro-Facebook but now lean a bit more towards twitter and have been developing free printables to go along with Stanley& Katrina’s book – not sure how much that is helping them but time will tell. I’m also not a fan of the automated systems on twitter so while I don’t get to every RT, etc. that I should, what I do is manual and I’ve actually consciously taken action on it. I like your blog. Thanks for all you do to help other authors. I am glad I made time to stop by here.
    ~Christine M/Cool Mom
    Assistant to Stanley & Katrina

    • I was happy when I found you on @littleggheads, my Twitter dedicated to young children’s products. I was even more pleased when I saw you on my personal site @bigwighouse. To be honest, I had never used social media until about one and a half months ago. I was working on a video and decided I needed to start social media to get the message out about my freebie. Despite that fact that I had web programmed since 1997, I had not used social media besides Myspace. Twilight zone. Social medial ludite. I was determined to resist. But here I’m learning to make the best of it. The pay off is meeting nice people like you.

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