Hashtag 101 for Authors on Twitter

Hashtags can help you increase your exposure. They can help authors find like minds. They, basically, fine tune your Tweet call.

This list is not exhaustive. If you want to tell me about one that I missed then leave it for me in the comments or come tell me at @bigwighouse

Click on any of the hashtags below to see the results.

#amediting – to find editors or to see what editors are working on currently

#amreading – to tell people about a book you are reading

#amwriting – to tell people about what you are working on currently

#anipals for people that are pals of animals. Use this to let others know if you & your book are animal friendly

#asmsg – a closed, private writing group that you must be invited into their group to use this tag.

#aga3– another hashtag used by authors but I have yet to have anyone explain to me what it is?? I think it might be private.

#bookplugs– a hashtag that I created to help me find authors that want to their promos RTed by me in a few places. Anyone is welcome to use it on their book promos and feel free to RT it.

#buyindie– for when your book is independent and you want people to know

#clean – for those books that are targeted to readers that want a clean (no drugs, sex, erotica etc)

#Christfic – books with a focus on Christ

#Christianreaders – yep, books with a christian basis

#dogbooks -used by authors that love dogs and feature them in their work

#ebooks– for books that are electronic editions

#Eblazoners– writing group that is focused on Middle Grade literature

#flashfiction – extra short fiction stories

#freekindlebook(s) – for those day when your book is free on Kindle

#kidlit – children’s literature

#kidlitchat – children’s literature that relates back to @kidlitchat

#highschool – high school aged literature

#homeschoool – literature that might be of interest to homeschoolers

#ian1 – Independent Author Network @authornetwork. I do believe it is open for use by all authors that follow @authornetwork and are independent.

#indie – to let people know you are an independent authors

#JT4a – ?? used by some authors ??

#mglit – middle grade literature

#middlegrade – middle grade literature

#mustread – for when you feel your book or another book is a must read

#pdf1 – used but I am not sure what it is

#podcast – for author discussions on podcast.

#picturebook(s) – books that are artistic in nature, often for children.

#rwa – writing group known as Romance Writers of America

#ttot– a hashtag for those seeking travel advice, so I travel book might fit there.

#tweenlit – literature for teens

#writingtip(s)s– when you want to give or find writing tips

#writerscross – a writer’s group that is open & inviting to new members

#ya young adult literature, also under #yalit and #youngadult




















#amazon books that are on Amazon.

#authorhouse – for when you want to let others know your book was printed by Authorhouse.

#bynrBarnes and Nobles reader books

#createspace -for when you want others to know you have created your book on #createspace – to let others know you made your book on Createspace.

#goodreads – for authors that have their work on Goodreads.

#kindle – for books on Kindle by Amazon.

#smashwords -for books that are on Smashwords/a>.

#wattpad – when your literature is on Wattpad and you want to announce it.

If you found this helpful be sure to hit the buttons below to share it with others. If you have questions for me I can be reached on Twitter @bigwighouse.

And on Facebook.


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