Thoughts on Pinterest

I’m just getting started with Pinterest. I’ve got real mixed feelings about Pinterest. For starters I have to confess that I love that it is a monolith of creativity. I mean it is really visually energizing the creative power of the internet. I, myself, confess to being so inspired by all the goodies on there that I get distracted into creative dreaming. Yet that isn’t my issue with Pinterest. My issue is that so much intellectual greatness is being given away for free. I think I’m just old school on this, but I just think those ideas could have been monopolized. To add insult to injury I read today that Pinterest doesn’t even allow you to use affiliate links, like Amazon. Further taking away from creative people’s ability to capitalize off their minds. Luckily, I’m creating an Etsy store and apparently the two work together well in helping to drive sales. I’m certainly not the kind of person that is all about money, yet as a single mom with my son heading off to college in a couple months..well, I’m feeling a little desperate to stop being a starving artist and start finding ways to make some extra money online. Fingers crossed it will work. Peace & happiness, CMYK


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